DTF for your DTG machine

DTF Transfer System

 Take your DTG business to new heights – add the ultimate in flexibility – expand into markets with products that you simply can’t print direct. Until now, with the all new DTF Transfer System 

Lets face it, you own a DTG to make money by producing superior prints for your customers – this is all enabled by using the very latest in ink technology – water based textile pigmented inks. Now – imagine a low energy transfer film designed to work with your DTG inks so you can now decorate all the products that a DTG cannot. With the DTF Transfer System those hard to load or impossible to print items can now benefit from the same ink and equipment technology. Open up a tremendous opportunity with a vast range of products, simply and at a very low cost. 

 Based around the traditional process of a heat applied transfer, DTF Transfer System is at the forefront of new technology. 

Utilising a unique transfer film where the film coating is matched to the ink and TPU adhesion powder – this unique chemical composition allows you to go from print to press on a wide range of fabrics both synthetic and natural fibres with ultra low energy transfers whilst delivering far superior results. The transfer media is designed for any brand of DTG pigmented inks so you are assured the very best in quality and colour. 

The M-Series is 100% flexible with a multitude of TucLocTM platen options for adult & youth sizes, sleeve and pant legs through to super wide prints!

DTF Transfer System comes with

  • HEATED PLATEN 40 X 50CM Ultra thin at just 10mm so fits onto any brand of DTG printer standard shirt platens. Each heated platen has a digital thermostat to set correct temperatures. The heated platen also has an adhesive mat to hold film flat while printing. 

  • DTF CURE BOX DTF oven for PET transfer curing. Melt DTF powder evenly without using a heat press. 100-150°C maximum temperature. Digital temperature controller and timer function. Set an audible alarm to remind you that your transfer is fully cured. 

  • DTF KIT SHAKER BOTTLE & TRAY This allows accurate TPU powder to be sprinkled evenly over the ink and any overspill is gathered in the tray. The tray has a spout for easy pouring back into you TPU bottle. 

  • 100 A3+ TRANSFER FILM SHEETS (cold peel) Each film is coated specifically for use with DTG inks. 

  • 1 KG WHITE TPU GLUE POWDER Packed in large mouth 1kg bottles allowing to keep your powder dry during storage. 

Download DTF PDF Brochure