DTG Q2, High speed DTG and DTF Printers

DTG M2 Printer

DTG Digital M3 Printer

The M-Series is 100% flexible with a multitude of TucLocTM platen options for adult & youth sizes, sleeve and pant legs through to super wide prints!

DTG Q2 Printer Features

  •  Up to 100 dark garments per hour in production mode and 150 light shirts
  •  Dual (2) QLVP patented (quick load vacuum platens) 
  •  New formula EDTG series inks designed for longer print head life
  •  User replaceable bulk 1.0Liter ink packs
  •  Quad (4) trailing staggered head array
  •  Linear motion guide carriage with auto height adjustment
  •  Heavy duty 2 stage ink mist extraction
  •  Reverse firmware for transfer prints inbuilt.
  • Advanced auto head and cap cleaning systems
  • Patented white ink recirculation/white ink flush through on demand system A.I.R®

  •  Two year warranty first year including print head.

  • Print Area: 16×20 (410×500) x 2

DTG Digital M3 Printer

Download DTG M2 PDF Brochure